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I should explain …

June 28, 2010

I tweeted something this evening …

.. which in turn prompted a couple of responses from people which made me stop twice and consider the message I’d put out on the micro-blogging service in the first place.

I can see how quite a few people may well read that and think “Oh dear, he’s feeling quite sorry for himself” and act accordingly. Less forgiving individuals might prefer to see it as a bit of a cry for help. And we all know what happened to the boy who cried wolf.

In actual fact – and I only explain it now because i think it’s worth stressing – this relatively unimportant tweet highlights the need to reveal something.

First of all, I use Twitter in a variety of different ways. I mutter and mumble, pass comment and sneer. I distribute links to stuff I like, as well as shamelessly promote my own material. I also – from to time – use to diarise. The tweet above is a diary entry.

But why? Twitter is awash – and frequently dismissed by lazy journalists unable to conjure up alternative clichés – by people sharing their innermost thoughts. It’s one thing to tweet these things. Why draw even more attention to them?

The clue is in the tweet itself. No, I’m not trying to make myself appear more interesting than I really am. It’s a case of self-preservation.

I nibble my nails a tremendous amount. A ridiculous amount. Sometimes – sometimes when I don’t even realise it – I can nibble them to such an extent they’ll throb with pain after I’ve washed my hands. I won’t even realise I’m doing it.

It happens at various points in my day. It will happen when I’m in certain situations. And – if one were to carry out in-depth research about this – the nail-biting is one of a great long list of similarly irritating personal traits which debilitate.

Lets get this into proportion here. I’m not making this blog a ‘poor me’ post. Don’t for God’s sake anybody think that. There are plenty of other people far worse off than me. There. That’s that straightened out.

But, just as friends of mine use their blogs to document their fitness regime or weight-loss programme, so I wouldn’t mind turning it into an opportunity for writing. Because maybe – just maybe – there could come a point when the root cause of that nail-biting is discovered. Just imagine what things could be like then?

So. If you follow me on Twitter and you see a tweet like the one above, don’t worry. I’m just documenting stuff for later analysis and indoingso being tiresomely transparent about it to, something which also appears to come naturally to me.

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