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What is Israel selling exactly?

July 6, 2010

I’ve had a few glasses of wine. And when that happens I’ll almost certainly resort to the most superficial of topics. Bite me. I’m nothing if not transparent about my thought processes.

However, what exactly is the Israeli tourist board selling with it’s latest advertising campaign?

Is it mud? Lean bodies? Is it that groups of men with lean bodies can have with mud whilst on holiday? Or is it that Israel is the destination to have those kind of unique experiences?

Or maybe it’s that by holidaying in Israel you too can discover a wealth of hidden gems of which stumbling upon a group of men revelling in the joy of being clad in warm mud is one?

I’m not entirely clear. If it’s something else and I’m missing it, what exactly is the message?

What I’m certain about is that the go-holiday-in-Israel poster did catch my eye. So .. er .. well done them. I think.


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  1. cyberguycalif permalink

    It’s the Dead Sea which has high salt and mineral content. The mud (mud bath) can help your skin and people with joint problems like arthritis. That’s part of the ‘unique’ experience they are talking about.

    Go to any good spa and mud baths will be one of the treatments you can get.

    But in that ad, four men rolling around in the mud could mean something else or targeted to gay men to travel to Israel.

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