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Sunflowers, toms and rocket

July 25, 2010

A few months effort

Please forgive the pun, but there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the fruits of ones labours sprout (above) from a seemingly insecure little branch on a tomato plant.

I’m still not entirely convinced how it is that a yellow flower can in the space of only a few days result in a green ball. Despite paying close attention to the plants over the past few days and seen the first tomatoes emerge, I’m still confused about how it actually occurs. Very odd, but pleasing nonetheless.

The thing I thought was a courgette plant has – inexplicably – blossomed into a sunflower (below). I know for a fact I didn’t purchase sunflower seeds (I kept hold of all the empty packets and the courgette seeds are the only things which haven’t grown into anything). Still, its a rather perky thing to see outside the backdoor and there are three others on their way.

Sunny disposition

Seeing the small collection of carrots now clearly read for harvest (see the picture below) reminds me how conditioned we all are by our local supermarket. There was a time – maybe one hundred years ago or so – when what was served from the table was sourced from the garden. That must surely have driven what was eaten. The provider wasn’t scanning recipe books thinking “what shall we eat tonight?” more “what do we need to eat tonight because it’s ready?” So it is with the baby carrots which look delightful. I’ve removed one from the pot but hope the one I’ve pulled will wait until tomorrow night.

Tonight is – quite necessarily – a salad evening on account of the massive growbag full of rocket and mixed salad leaves which need harvesting. Yes, I’m pleased. But my God, I think I’ll sow less next time.

Rocket in need of harvesting

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