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August 8, 2010

I know it’s not cool – nor advisable – to be too smug or indeed too proud about one’s own work. Experience has shown after all how months spent producing inconceivably small bits of video, audio or written content can swiftly pass into distant memory as soon as the encoding has completed or the HTML file has been published to the internet.

What I didn’t quite expect was the effect that my interview and resulting package about BBC College of Journalism colleague not only pleased me but educated me at the same time.

Everything I say in this piece is the truth. I consider myself totally ignorant about Iraq in the same way that blanket media coverage about the troubles in Northern Ireland rendered me spectacularly unable to understand even the basics of what was going on in Belfast. Shameful. But true.

And yet, the mere process of interviewing someone who has a passion for a country she’s never seen and the music of one of its respected exponents has left me feeling a closer connection with a country we all hear about in the news every single day.

Most – I’m sure of it – would conclude that the day to day grind of their work renders them distant from the subject matter they write, film or record.

For me its different. My colleague Wafa was the one who came over to my desk getting all excited about the Iraqi music concert at the BBC Proms. She propelled me. She agreed to contribute. And in editing the entire thing I’m finding myself really looking forward to the concert at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday 9 August 2010.

Now that’s what I call an utterly brilliant job.

:: You can watch a fuller version (with a spot more music on the BBC Proms website with some more information about the concert here.

One Comment
  1. Intriguing – I shall definitely catch this prom on iplayitagain. And you’re lucky to have such a colleague.

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