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BBC Proms 2010: Prom 42 / Watkins Violin Concerto / Shostakovich 5 / BBC Symphony Orchestra

August 17, 2010

In my rush to record an audioboo at the end of Prom 42 I managed to overlook the key point of the concert … The world premiere of Huw Watkins’ Violin Concerto. That’s no statement on the composer by the way. One look at the attentive audience proved his obvious skill at both constructing something new and keeping the attention of the audience throughout. A considerate and sensitive composer, you might say. 

That same sensitivity also extended to the soloist to a certain extent.  Cast aside the obvious fact the solo part was so demanding – it should, shouldn’t it? – at no point was there any sense soloist Alina Ibragimova was battling with the orchestra.

The concerto will have worked well on TV – possibly a little more demanding just to listen to on the radio – I’ll make a point of watching it back. But the warm reception in the hall for both composer and soloist was undeniable however.

And there was an encore. Some Sabatini I think.  



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