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Rebooting the system

August 17, 2010

Westfield Shopping CentreLunchtime saw me take off to nearby Westfield shopping centre. Partly because I had to buy gifts ahead of a very special day at the end of the week (more on the catering arrangements being made for that special day in a later post), but also because I needed to escape what I’m increasingly tagging in my head as ‘faulty thinking’ – the kind of thinking which can make the world look quite hideous.

Don’t worry, that in itself isn’t the subject of this post more the effects of an hour spent wandering around the shopping centre had on improving my mood.

In these supposedly cash strapped times to enjoy the rampant consumerism housed inside Westfield jars on the conscience to a certain extent. And yet, a stroll around the many stores in search of birthday presents provided me with the justification to do something I don’t normally do: window-shop.

Westfield has a bright and breezy interior making the experience of walking around the largest shopping centre in Europe not unlike that of an airport. I resisted the temptation to get the other half an MB Bigtrak largely on the basis that I still have the one I got as a kid in the attic.

Big Trak

The chance to glimpse expensive yet needless gadgets through polished glass as I passed through clouds of perfume was enough to make me think first about the joys of airport shopping, our forthcoming journey and whether our outward journey – departing from St Pancras on the Eurostar – would live up to previous holiday travel experiences.

And then – as if to ram the point home – the sight of ‘Back to School’ signs in various shops signalling a warning to parents that their wallets will have to open once again for the purchase of stationery but also one to the kids that the holidays will soon be over. Precisely the reason we go on holiday at the end of the summer when we do. It’s so much cheaper and so very much quieter mid-late September.

Back to School

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