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What do I put where?

August 30, 2010

The time has come. I can hold off no longer. I need to define myself, for the sake of this blog at least. And I need some help doing it too, if you’d be so kind.

For ages now I’ve found it difficult to define this ‘ere blog thing I spend hours every week updating. Where other blogs have direction, I drew pleasure from deliberately not outlining my focus. There was something interesting in not following the crowd.At least, that’s what I thought.

But now in the run up to my 38th birthday I’m finding myself wanting to define the stuff I’m interested in a bit more. This might have something to do with me spending more and more time devouring stuff from my Google Reader. Never a day goes by without me thinking of a Google Alert I want to set up. And, because I’m setting more and more up, I’m finding myself categorising the stuff I’m interested in.

My Patch

What’s a relief to discover is that it appears I’m not (as I previously feared) defined solely by my love of the BBC Proms or my weird interest in the Eurovision Song Contest. It seems I’m interested in other things. Thank God for that. I’ve noticed I’m pulled to gay stories in the news quite a lot. Internet stuff does (surprisingly) interest me – for some reason I figured that I’d be less interested in internet stuff seeing as I spend most of my time on the damn thing. The media too commands my attention (hardly surprising). But most enlightening of all has been my growing interest in all things London over recent months, especially at a local level.

There’s another word for this. In journalistic terms this might be referred as my “patch”. And, as my Google Reader gets populated with subject areas so my blogging output needs to reflect a similar structure … at least I think so.Think of it as me leaving the middle school behind, heading towards the giddy heights of the sixth form.

Grown-up Categories

So with all of that in mind, I’ve done a bit of house-keeping. I’ve come up with a list of categories which helps define the stuff I’m interested in writing about on here.Those categories are:

Life & Society
London & Local
Arts, Culture & Entertainment
Internet & Technology
News & Sport
Audio & Video
Navel Gazing

Of course, the ‘Naval Gazing’ category is a catch all for all those posts which don’t fit neatly into any of the other categories. And yes, I’ll be the first to admit that the category ‘Life & Society’ does sound a little lofty but its the only way of categorising the growing number of gay-related posts without being too specialised.

Help Me

But, here’s how you can help. How do you see me? Maybe – if you one of the handful of dedicated readers – you can define the subject areas better than I have here. Ideally, those categories shouldn’t go above 7. Maybe there’s something missing. Maybe they should be named something entirely different. Maybe – God forbid – you just don’t care.

To be clear – I’m not looking for an ego massage here – just a spot of assistance in defining some titles. Please leave your comments below. The best ones get a badge. No really, you do. A special badge.

Over and out.


The picture above was published by Flickr User Tak and is used here in accordance with the terms of the Creative Commons License

  1. How about the addition of ‘decadence’ ?

    • That would be a rather empty category.

  2. the dotterel permalink

    Not sure I can be of much help here, having arrived via Twitter as a relative newcomer… but as a fellow-blogger pigeon-holed into the rather narrow ‘parent’ category, I find having a narrow focus provides wonderful mould-breaking, granny-shocking opportunities. My latest post was about fish and chips!

  3. Pete permalink


    • Obviously my interest in sport is from an observer’s point of view. Although I acknowledge that perhaps its inclusion here is a little premature.

  4. Anna permalink

    definitely a spot for your cooking and gardening.

    • Good call … but where to put it … Life and Society or Navel Gazing?

  5. Kateviola permalink

    Domestic Goddery.

    And indeed, ‘sport’??

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