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Why are they (still) searching for Christopher Myers?

September 2, 2010

I must be an idiot to be writing this post. Yesterday I reported on my little eye-of-the-storm journalism experiment blogging about Foreign Secretary William Hague’s SpAd Christopher Myers. As I suspected, the blog post got significant views – scary figures for me at least (see below) – and continued to register significant interest today.

Yesterday’s numbers – from midnight BST – looked like this (in case you’re wondering, I never get figures like this in a day – not even in during the Eurovision):

Today’s figures (as of 2200 BST) looked like this:

But it’s the search terms panel which surprises me:

Despite William Hague’s statement, the most popular search appears to be one question everyone wants answering. And stopping to think about it (at the same time as wishing as many people were interested in my BBC Proms ‘coverage’) I’m wondering whether these figures give an indication of where the ‘story’ surrounding this particular non-story might go next. I hope not.

The picture used in this blog post ‘WWII Buzz Bomb Statistics’ was published by Flickr user Greg Miller and used here in accordance with the terms of the Creative Commons License.

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