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Kieron Richardson ‘comes out’

September 10, 2010

Well done 20 year old model come Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson for doing the bold thing and announcing his homosexuality on this morning’s This Morning to ‘televisual Mum and Dad’ Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.


Reading reports abroad of him coming out made the whole thing seem like a shock event. Had the Dancing on Ice contestant just turned up at the This Morning studio and taken all by surprise with his revelation?

Judging by the detailed coverage of a gay storyline in Hollyoaks in which Richardson features, including the inclusion of various clips on This Morning and some serious conversation steering on the part of Philip Schofield, I get the impression this was an orchestrated affair. At times, clumsily executed too. It certainly didn’t feel casual, nor jaw-dropping. Is this yet more depressing evidence of homosexuality as currency in the entertainment industry?

I should slam on the brakes. I should stop myself from following my usual cynical path. It never does me any good. The truth is however, I don’t have to slam them on very hard. Richardson’s story is still a good thing. I much prefer this kind of ‘outing’ to the brushes with negativity we’ve seen in recent months.

And whilst what follows shouldn’t make the blindest bit of difference, Richardson seems like a nice fellow too. Fresh-faced, strong jawline and an incredible smile to boot (no, I don’t fancy him). He’s young. He seems innocent. He projects a positive image in the same way Will Young did. The complete package seems OK. The inevitable storyline promotion seems acceptable because of that complete package.

But, more important than the superficial angle of all this, is what Richardson’s act represents and in turn what it illustrates. During the interview he explains that his family and close friends already know. Clearly that has provided him with the support he needs to say it publicly. And he’s 20. And that in itself is more important than the act of coming out on TV or indeed the gay storyline he is acting out on Hollyoaks.

Well done to Richardson. But good on his family and friends too.

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