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Gustavo Dudamel on reaching new audiences

September 17, 2010

In his 30 minutes with conductor Gustavo Dudamel, Guardian editor Alan Rusbrisger gets 30 hears a timely reminder one of the key ways arts organisations can reach out to new audiences. Rusbridger hass been good enough to include the quote in the interview write-up, which is available on the Guardian website.

Dudamel says:

“It’s not that people don’t like classical music. It’s that they don’t have the chance to understand and to experience it. Going to a concert can sometimes be very difficult. It can be a long journey. There’s the ticket prices. But when the music goes to the community – not the community coming to the concert – they say, ‘Wow! I didn’t know that this music was so amazing!'”

Interesting and reassuring stuff. Take the music to the community. But how will the expected Arts Council funding cuts in the forthcoming Comprehensive Spending Review impact the ability of orchestras in the UK to continue their commitment to this kind of outreach work in the future?

Source: The Guardian

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