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Surely I’m in with a chance now …

September 21, 2010

News just in – or is it speculation or rumour or somesuch? – from @mylesrun about the BBC’s forthcoming coverage of the Olympics in 2012:

Apparently the BBC will broadcast (via one conduit or another) all 6,000 hours of the 2012 Olympics. That is A LOT.

Indeed it is a lot. I’m very nearly bristling with excitement reading @mylesrun’s tweet. Here’s why.

Given my ongoing efforts to further my career in broadcasting (I may not have made that aspiration obvious on this blog although I was rather hoping the incessant video production work would give the game away), such staggering numbers of hours output is good news for me.

I mean, really. Are you honestly telling me that those 6000 hours will be stuffed full of breathtaking feats of human achievement? There’s only so much record breaking attempts which the viewing public can bear after all. Some of those hours have surely got to be given over to presentation or reporting or something.

Who knows, maybe the 2012 Olympics might provide me with the perfect opportunity. My long-awaited break? I suppose I ought to start researching one or two Olympic sports in the meantime. You know, just in case.

And in case anyone’s wondering I’m not soliciting people’s opinions about whether this is good idea or not.*

* I’m being mildly self-deprecating.

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