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IKEA Cats Parody

September 25, 2010

Being Human blog editor chappy Barry Pilling surpasses his Virtual Revolution Mashup with this little ditty parodying IKEA’s making of the ‘100 cats’ video.


Inso-doing he eclipses the lasting memory I have of him pictured in the BBC staff rag Ariel a few days after he started work there dressed in a sharp suit and tie encouraging staff to consider Fridays as a ‘dress up smart’ day.

Hi parody is an important case study. Take content that exists already – IKEA’s original ‘making of’ video – and add an alternative soundtrack. Finish it off with a slightly amended end card. Stick it on the internet and wait for the hoards of cat lovers to start pushing it around the Internet. The simple ideas are often reasonably straightforward to execute and in turn the most entertaining.

Most important however, make sure the parodied world created in the video is reflected in the descriptive text as they are in the YouTube video (click through to the video above to see what I mean). Oh and make sure all the most important things you want to promote are included in the first 140 characters of the descriptive text. Remember too that the word ‘meow’ is very valuable currency.

Nice work.

This is a cross-post from the Thoroughly Good::BBC blog – for obvious reasons.

One Comment
  1. Thanks for the feature Jon. I’ve ditched the suit but kept all the stupidity… glad you liked the film and thanks for the kind words.

    Top blog, will keep following.


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