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Food: Green Tomato Recipes

September 26, 2010

Seven of this year’s tomato crop harvested this morning are ripe (pictured above), the rest were big fat green ones. Next year I won’t be growing Moneymakers – I understand now they’re a bugger to ripen. Not only that, I won’t grow quite so many plants.

Despite feeling ever so slightly overwhelmed by the massive number of green tomatoes, I was surprised to discover there are quite a few things they can be used for. I’ve even seen a recipe on the internet which calls for slices to be covered in egg and flower and then fried. (Is that *the* classic fried green tomatoes? I’m not sure.)

With the crafting season fast approaching and the now annual tradition of pickling in the run up to Christmas, I figured I’d go for a store cupboard solution as well as something a little warming. With the air temperature dropping, it seemed a terribly cosy (if middle-aged) thing to do.

So, here goes. A couple of experimental recipes. Please advise of any improvements which could be made. And if you try them out, be sure to remember you need to have either BBC Radio 4 or 3 on in the background.

Green Tomato Ketchup

Green Tomato Ketchup

1.5kg of chopped green tomatoes, 2 onions, 225g sugar, 4 apples, 2 teaspoons of garam masala, 300ml of red vinegar, salt and pepper. Simmer the entire lot for an hour. Blend it. Push it through a sieve. Decandent the gloopy mixture into an old wine bottle. Label it up. Stand back and beam modestly. (Just remember it will look closer to brown sauce than green unless of course you do what I did and put it in a green wine bottle.)

Green Tomato Soup

Green Tomato Soup

Fry 800g of sliced green tomatoes sliced, 8oz of slice potato in 1oz butter until soft. Add 1 desertspoon of mixed herbs, 2 pints of vegetable stock, salt and pepper, a tin of borlotti beans and a handful of rice. Boil it and then simmer it for half an hour. Blend it all up. Add 125ml of double cream. Add some chilli sauce to taste. Serve it up in a big bowl. Bask in the resulting inner glow of homemade warming soup goodness. Try not to be too smug about it.

God only knows what I’ll do with the remaining tomatoes waiting to be harvested. There’s at least another 2.5kg. Who knows, maybe another 7 days might see more of them ripen. If you’ve got any personal recommendations of what to do with a bulk load of green toms then let me know below.

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