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“Cameron, is he a queer?”

September 30, 2010

I wrote a post on the BBC College of Journalism website today. It was all about the BBC’s survey into how lesbians, gays and bisexuals are portrayed on television, on radio and online.

I don’t mention it to show off, you understand. It – and the release of the report today – made today reasonably special for me. The survey results were something which I’d first become aware of during a BBC Pride (the BBC’s LGBT network) event on Monday event and because of the report’s embargo was forced to cogitate my thoughts during the two days before it was made public.

In blogging terms that’s quite unusual for me. I’m normally quite impulsive. Having a bit of time to think is actually quite nice.

One of the major benefits of that thinking time was the chance to take in a bit of supplementary evidence surrounding the whole subject. The “Cameron” sketch in the recently returned Harry and Paul show on the BBC.

For me, it represents exactly the kind of quality gay-related humour I appreciate. It sends out a positive message, presenting us the audience with an opportunity to laugh with derision at homophobes and their often misinformed opinions.


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