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We Love Gaffes

October 1, 2010

The major gaffe on the live final of Australia’s Top Model has been doing the rounds, registering a high place in the most watched video clips on the BBC News website a couple of days ago.

There’s nothing us humans like better than watching a painful moment of television, it seems. Mind you, host Sarah Murdoch appeared to come out of it rather well. Her distress seemed authentic, the revised runner-up reassurances genuine and the real winner’s reaction both well-timed and brilliantly self-effacing. Everyone’s a winner (in a way).

Except for one person, I’d wager. The Evening Standard quotes broadcaster Foxtel’s director of publicity as saying

At the time of the result announcement, there was a miscommunication between the broadcast truck and the stage.

“Miscommunication” does rather imply that the wrong name was uttered in Sarah Murdoch’s earpiece which suggests that someone is responsible for sending out some duff information. Which in turn might mean someone somewhere in the background is facing a bit of a rough ride, or even the chop.

I hope not. It made for a hugely entertaining video clip. And really, no one was actually harmed irrevocably, were they?


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  1. But that was great. They all behaved so impeccably. Human-nature-faith-restore time.

  2. Really? It struck me as a badly staged stunt. The two “mandies” were almost laughing throughout.

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