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About This Blog: Commenting

October 6, 2010

I’ve made some changes on this blog to do with how commenting is managed. It’s not a major thing. But I’m hoping it might make for a nicer experience for anyone reading this blog who feels like they’d like to leave a comment or converse. It has the added advantage of me not having to approve each comment.

First however, a bit of background. I’m a sensitive flower who frequently writes blog posts in isolation. I don’t mean I sit in a quiet room divorced from reality and come up with an ill-informed opinion (although this does happen from time to time). Instead, the writing and publishing process is often done in the belief that no-one else will ever read the copy and if they do that no-one will have anything to say in response.

When people do have something to say my brain is suddenly taken out of my usually isolated state when I read the comments sent for approval. And – just as with email or Facebook status updates or Twitter – I’ll often read those comments with an entirely different tone of voice than perhaps was being used by the author. Factor in mood swings on my part and – thankfully waning – paranoia and you will appreciate my previous reticence making commenting a straightforward and seemless process. It’s a me thing .. not a you thing.

Of course, one way to tackle the paranoia implicit when searching for sub-texts in emails, blog comments, Facebook messages and Tweets is to engage directly with the person leaving the comment and ask “What exactly are you saying there?” But of course, there’s no time to do that and actually doing so might put the person off from leaving any comments in the future anyway. That and not approving comments at all which is .. even worse.

So, in the first of a handful of “bold moves for the future” for this blog which I’ll be writing about in future posts, commenting on here has changed a bit.

Now, if you’ve had a comment approved already on here you’ll automatically be able to get your comments posted. If you’re new you’ll need to get a comment approved first and then you’re good to go. That’s not a green light for being an arse of course. There’s a special policy yet to be announced for situations like that.

If you experience any tardiness in getting stuff approved or the new automated system doesn’t work properly, drop me an email at thoroughlygood [at]

The picture above was published by Flickr user Tamara Dunn and is used here in accordance with the terms of the Creative Commons License.

  1. Just testing 😉

    I think this is a bold and brave move. I agree it’s not good to have comments dangling in the ether whilst a decision is made to publish them or not, (or in my case, simply because I haven’t noticed that someone had left a comment) but it does relinquish an extra bit of power to the great unwashed out there. Actually, if they had to have a comment approved in the past, one can assume they were washed at least once.

    Hope it’s successful!

    • I can hear you. I can hear you.

      And .. I’ve hesitated from clicking on the unapprove button … for now. 😉

  2. Karen Redman permalink

    Sometimes I am an arse without intending to be. I amwondering which category I fall into regarding your blog. Could you possibly have a status line for “well intentioned arses”? I’d feel comfortable about that. xxx (If you publish this one, I shall personally come round and slap you with a spatula).

    • I have put you in a special folder Karen marked “Well Intentioned Arses”. You are safe.

      And, if you’re coming round, you’ll be disappointed.

  3. You’re lucky Karen. I’m on the blacklist. 😦

    • The blacklist is for another blog post Chris. Don’t steal my thunder. 😉

  4. cyberguycalif permalink

    I at least hope I don’t make the bold/brash American folder…….LOL

    • I’ve yet to create that folder. 😉

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