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Political correctness wrongly attributed?

October 9, 2010

This story – originally reported by Northern Ireland’s Impartial Reporter – about primary school dinner lady Pat Lavery, the biscuit requested by a pupil and the fear by the school that giving the child that biscuit might be seen as Mrs Lavery ‘grooming’ the child, has been referred to in Stormont Education Committee chairman Mervyn Storey’s apology as ‘political correctness gone too far’.

It must have been a horrendous two years for Lavery. The resulting ‘gossips and rumour’ she suffered as a result of this heavy-handed judgment by the school unbearable. She absolutely deserved the apology. Some considerably more reactionary than me will – no doubt – ask why on earth she didn’t receive it sooner.

However, is Mervyn Storey right to refer to this spectacular error of judgment on the school’s part as ‘political correctness gone too far’ ? Isn’t it an overriding fear of being sued because it might be seen as an attempt at ‘grooming’. And isn’t that paranoia-fuelled fear of pedophilia ?

The picture above entitled ‘Paranoia’ was published by Flickr user Katie Weilbacher and is used here in accordance with the Creative Commons License.


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