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TV: Single Father \ Episode 3 \ BBC Scotland

October 24, 2010

If you’re a parent and you happen to suffer a bereavement you’re probably best off not interacting with anyone other than your own parents. Best avoid reading any personal diaries of the deceased and – if absolutely necessary – avoid engaging in any difficult conversations with your stepdaughter (if you have one).

Single Father is – by episode 3 – so distant from the catalyst of the story as to make the present situation which protaganist Dave and his simmering love (oh come on, don’t deny it) Sarah to all intents and purposes both appear like victims.

Matt. Classic victim.

Neither of them are the victim of course. The victim of this particular Sunday night four-part drama is Matt. Poor old Matt. He just wants to move ‘down south’. He wants to take his gorgeous love with him. They’ve done Glasgow now. Now it’s time to move to Liverpool, or Manchester or Warrington.

And why wouldn’t she go with him? If Matt could guarantee the kind of kitchen she’s become accustomed to then surely there should be no debate.

Only there is. For some inexplicable reason she finds David Tennant’s creepily dark pools for eyes combined with his scrawny body difficult to resist. What … on earth … is she thinking?

What I’m struck by is the idea that Sarah is actually thinking. Not only does she realise (albeit a number of minutes before I did when I watched this for the first time) that Dave is in a sense only sleeping with her because he’s getting at dead Rita but also that the only way to deal with this incredibly messy situation is to offer a difficult to resist ultimatum.

From where I’m sitting, I reckon she’s better off with her lycra-clad ex-boyfriend. At least with him she doesn’t run the risk of inheriting someone else’s family with all the emotional baggage that comes with it.

:: Watch Episode 3 of Single Father via BBC Programmes

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  1. Martyn Wheatcroft permalink

    Can anyone tell me about the opening music for this drama?

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