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You can trust me

October 27, 2010

You may have read my review of the BBC Symphony Orchestra birthday concert from last Friday. If you didn’t, it’s possible you glossed over it either because it was ‘that classical music stuff’ or – possibly more likely – it was because yet another reference to something ‘BBC’.

Either reason is fine. I wouldn’t want you to think that I’m smarting from the piece being ignored.

The reason I refer to that review again now is because I made a point of listening back to the BBC Symphony Orchestra’s birthday concert performance of Stravinksy’s Rite of Spring on Radio 3 tonight.

I said in the blog post it was a good performance. I’d said as much to one of the players during the post-concert celebration.

What was gratifying and reassuring in equal measure was how much I enjoyed it listening to it a second time on the radio. I wasn’t making it up. It was good. I am a good judge. I don’t just spout random opinions. You really can trust me. Really, you can.

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