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Free Thinking Festival 2010: Getting Excited

October 28, 2010

It’s Free Thinking time on BBC Radio 3. A weekend of people thinking, speaking and discussion and debate up in Newcastle. Can’t wait. Some will be broadcast live on Radio 3 (and even those little tykes on BBC Radio 5 Live). I’m especially looking forward to the Radio 3 drama being recorded in front of a live audience on Saturday night.

Find out more at the Free Thinking website. Or if you don’t want the public service take it on it, you could also concentrate your attention on this marvellously modest (and frightfully adept) commentator featured below who I understand will be there in Newcastle, blogging, tweeting and audiobooing too. How lovely.

  1. cyberguycalif permalink

    Jon I was thinking you had gone before as ‘thinking’ sounded familiar when you were talking about it. Then you mentioned about it being the last four years so I’m now sure you have gone before. Enjoy youself and have a good time.

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