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TV: Graham Norton Show \ BBC One \ Episode 8.3

November 8, 2010

Joan Rivers makes another appearance on the show, selling her new documentary (screen on More 4 on 9 November before being made available on DVD) ‘Piece of Work’, berating the audience for wishing her well having reached 77 years of age and be typically scathing about Vanessa Feltz. (Dont worry Vanessa, we’ll have a quiet word with Ms Rivers about that. Very bad form.)

Johnny Knoxville – on the show promoting Jackass 3D – was in comparison a little bit helter skelter. Either he wasn’t quite sure what to expect or was incredibly nervous. Handsome yes, just a little bit odd. The film did look funny though and the anecdote about his broken penis was unashamedly entertaining.

Catherine Tate was her usual reliably lovely self, sharing the seemingly incredible confession that she had never cooked a thing … ever. Not even a turkey.

The real turkeys however – sorry boys – were the Pet Shop Boys. Their 2010 rendition of Its a Sin wasn’t a patch on the original I adored as a teenager. And Chris … Dahling .. Those feathers. They’re ironic, right?

:: Watch Episode 8 of the Graham Norton Show via BBC Programmes

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