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Connect with your inner queen

November 11, 2010

Is this clip – quite possibly – now the best feelgood dancing at a party clip?

It is for me. Possibly because it is exactly what I used to dream of doing when I was a spotty teenager desperate to feel comfortable at otherwise painful sixth form parties. The opportunity to say ‘look at me – I’m not such a dweeb after all’ was all too difficult to avoid dreaming about. And, it might just be the case that I *may* have realised that dream in the safe confines of my bedroom .. from time to time.

It’s from the recent comedy drama wotnot Whites which has – contrary to what I heard one ill-informed PR-type say during a tiresome event recently – been brilliant. Not least because far from concluding the series with a happy ending for everyone,  character Skoose – the ‘dancer’ in this clip – gets his comeuppance from the boss he was trying to impress. It turned out he wasn’t the ‘big I am’ he thought he was when he arrived in his new job at the beginning of the series. And, as we all know, there’s nothing better than seeing someone getting their comeuppance.

  1. I really enjoyed that! What fun! And, yes, I was very tempted to get up and leap around the living room. But the curtains are open …

    • Glad to hear I’m not the only one. 😉

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