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TV: Graham Norton Show \ Episode 8.4 \ So Television

November 13, 2010

Poor old Daniel Radcliffe. Star of the Harry Potter films. Earned loads of money. One stolen moment on Norton’s sofa (albeit squeezed in after his dutiful stint in Leicester Square at the premiere of the latest Rowling installment) and he’s having to sit next to Colin Farrell. The otherwise cute and engaging actor from In Bruges looks uncomfortable on the sofa. If he’s not uncomfortable he gives off an undeniable air of the entire experience being beneath him. Very odd. Very odd indeed.

Still. Radcliffe’s ‘party trick’ singing Tom Lehrer’s periodic table song made for a charming little interlude.

Mr Radcliffe, we salute you. You’re lovely. You’re loaded. You deserve it. You were in Extras. We’re proud of you.

Mr Farrell, be more professional next time. Assuming there is a next time.


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