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Radio: Electronica \ BBC Concert Orchestra

November 19, 2010

There’ll be a lot written about the musical foundations of the BBC Concert Orchestra‘s recent electronica gig – and about electronica in general – broadcast on Radio 3 tonight. Basically, the rule is if there’s a ‘niche’ musical genre to be written you can bet your bottom dollar someone will write about it in such a way as to make themselves look – or at least – all important about themselves.

I know. I’m being a bitch. You can see where this is going. I shouldn’t be really. Because the chances are, I may possibly bump into Arts Desk reviewer Igor Toronyi-Lalic at another electronica concert I am almost certainly going to go to as a result of listening to the gig tonight on Radio 3.

Electronica isn’t difficult. It is in fact, the shortcut to other people’s imaginations. The kind of musical soundtrack those of us who dream of making our own special long-running cult dramas – the kind that we know deep down wouldn’t get commissioned because noone would understand it.

Everything in this concert was a revelation. I was taken off somewhere mysterious – possibly the fantastical parts of the school I attended as a kid which from time to time form part of the wilder of my dreams (and sometimes my daydreams). Who can resist the eery qualities in the sound of a theramin? I’m a sap. I can’t.

True, it probably made for better radio than it did a concert – maybe that’s why Igor didn’t enjoy himself quite as much as he reckoned he should have done. Still, because it’s so very different from what I normally listen to I’m urging you to give it a try, not least to see what you think of it.

:: Listen to it with a beer or a large glass of wine via BBC Radio 3 on the BBC Programmes site. Leave a comment to let me know what you thought of it.

:: The picture at the top of this blog post was published on Flickr by Maggie Osterberg and is used here under license.

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