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It Gets Better

November 20, 2010

For the past month Stonewall have been busying themselves recording the contributions of gays and lesbians in the media getting them all to outline why “It Gets Better” to teenagers up and down the country who face difficulties as a result of their sexuality.

Stonewall didn’t ask me. No surprises there. I’m not a celebrity or a personality.

Even so, seeing as the whole of the US seems to have got the bandwagon rolling I saw no shame in jumping on the same bandwagon myself.

Here’s why I think ‘it gets better’. And, if you’re in the UK and you’re gay and you have a video camera (which – come on – most of us do) then tap into your own conscience and record some of your own thoughts for young gay people. Think of it as the very least we can do for the comparatively easy life we all live as a result of previous generations’ campaigning.

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  1. Well, frankly, I’m not convinced. At least in the US, the bullying, insults and discrimination never go away. I’m 60 years old now and certainly, some things are easier, but many are just as painful and a few are worse.

    I think this campaign misses the point, which is “YOU get better.” You get better at standing up to morons, idiots, and bullies. You get better at being happy even when everyone else wants to make you miserable. You get better at living your own life rather than the one someone else wants you to live.

    Recent action in the UN which removed summary execution of gays and lesbians (without even a trial) from the list of crimes against humanity is an example of how it still has not gotten better.

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