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When happiness seems indestructible

November 27, 2010

If you haven’t seen it already, you need to take a look at this slightly old post. What follows, is a before and after comparison.

In that post, I’d wanted to share a moment when I felt as though my happiness had been threatened. It was as much a therapy moment for me as it was an opportunity to reflect on the #radio3freethinking theme for this year, which is – yes, it wasn’t that difficult to work out – happiness.

This time around however, I’ve recorded what it feels like – or rather what it looks and sounds like – when I’m in a chipper mood. This too is as much therapy for me as it is a part of my take on Radio 3’s speech and drama festival.

I recorded after attending a concert given by the BBC Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican Concert Hall, broadcast live on BBC Radio 3. The Audioboos I refer to in the video can be found here, here and here.(The second boo was promoted from the Audioboo homepage don’t you know.)

This – as seen in the video – is what I define as happiness. And, whilst I agree with Kevin McCloud that happiness is derived from maintaining narrative in the likes of bespoke furniture for example, I think it’s true nature is something altogether more daunting in its delicacy.

Happiness is fleeting, momentary, prized and constantly sought after. Something we’re all entitled to feel. And something we all should strive for.


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