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Does it get better? It hasn’t yet

November 29, 2010

The lovely people at BBC Pride have posted a video on Facebook showing Pixar employees sharing their feelings about their sexuality and their coming out stories etc. It’s a familiar theme.

And perhaps a call to arms for similar BBC types who – I’ll be frank here – I’m feeling a little surprised about not having done the same already. That was the reason I made this. Its not that i think Im something special. I figured there might be someone somewhere who said “I could do better than that”.

OK. So I’m bound to promote my own thing. This is my blog. And whilst my shoddily shot effort doesn’t compare to Pixar’s glossy product, it was my hope that BBC types would do the same. But I know of nothing. And I’ve not seen any similar (or better) efforts being distributed via the usual pipelines.

Gays and lesbians at the BBC need to do the same. But not do the same as Pixar. Do something “BBC”. Interpret it in a BBC way. Make a different visual statement.  And whilst I know my story may not be that enticing – it really wouldn’t take much for us all to do a similar kind of thing. That is how campaigns gain momentum. No, you won’t get any overtime for it. You shouldn’t need an overtime payment to click record on your mobile phone.

So yes. Pixar’s film is great. But for the love of God, where is the BBC’s? If a broadcasting organisation can’t make it’s own film, then there’s little hope .. is there?


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  1. David SFeastbay permalink

    Jon your video was wonderful and you can tell it came from the heart. We’ve had an increase of television commercials with average people and famous people giving the same message of hope and awareness to those that may be feeling lost in their own minds and hearts.

    The anti-bully message is out there, but it needs to be a more louder message. I’ve only lived in the large metro areas of San Francisco and Los Angeles where it is easier to gay and open about it and free to be who your are. But there are so many people who live in small towns where they can not be themselves and for the young people that can be truely scary and lonely.

    While Pixar’s message was ‘It gets better’, and you want to scream that message out to everyone, there is also the part of (at least) me, who also wants to scream out to people to mind their own business and to stop trying to get others to live the life they think is right.

    I hope more big company’s can do as Pixar and use their ‘name’ to make a difference.

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