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Technology: iPad Camera Connection problem with IOS 4.2.1

November 30, 2010


Upgraded my iPad to IOS 4.2.1 at the weekend and now – horror of horrors – i find I cant upload my #uksnow pictures to the web on my way to work.

The very fabric of time is becoming unstitched … Again. Seems I’m not the only one either.

For those looking for a solution, I’ve not found one yet. At the moment I’m trying to work out what @jearle means by ‘GM’s.

More ‘news’ as it happens.


Weirdly – I mean, TOTALLY weirdly – it now appears that merely leaving the iPad in a bag for a period of an hour and a half has helped the device come to its senses. I’ve not actually done anything to it. I’ve not installed any updates. In fact, its been switched to aeroplane mode for all that time.

And yet, now I put my SD Camera Connector kit in and notice that everything is absolutely fine.

So .. the solution .. ? Put your iPad in your bag, blog about your difficulties and through the power of Apple Greyskull the Internet some fluke or other, it will end up working.

Fascinating, huh?

‘Snowy’ pictures to follow.

  1. Matthew permalink

    I’m guessing @jearle means the Gold Masters by GMs. Which means these issues were fixed for him in the current version :/

    • ‘Gold Masters’. It sounds so grand, doesn’t it? So Dungeons and Dragons. Or Lord of the Rings. Or Harry Potter. 😉

      Unless of course it now working on my iPad means that I too am equally as grand.

  2. I have been having intermittent camera issues on iPhone since update to iOS 4.2. Appears to be linked with phone being attached to wifi network, but not %100 sure of that even. Have had to reboot phone so often I am getting really frustrated with this iOS update. Still looking for a solid fix.

    Have found work arounds such as turn off wifi before using camera. (not fun)

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