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Blogging: Write, write and write some more

December 10, 2010

Every now and again – usually when I’ve missed out on desperately rejurgitating something on this blog – I’m reminded of some of the fundamentals. They are the bite-size chunks those of us who need a stroke from time to time need in order to keep ploughing on.

This latest bite-size chunk comes from Kristen Lamb‘s who emphasises the importance of regular writing and social media. Timely stuff. It’s just as relevant to self-sufficient journos, would-be and wannabee journos too.

We must blog. Blogging creates good habits, and it is in the job description of the 21st century author. We can gripe and moan all we want, but that doesn’t change reality. Reality is that writers with a platform are going to be more successful than writers who expect NY to do everything for them. If you want to become a professional writer then you should love writing anyway so this shouldn’t be as big of a deal as most writers make it. Suck it up and put on Big Girl/Big Boy Pants. In the coming weeks I will be teaching you guys on Wednesdays what to blog about. This is usually the biggest stumbling block, but now I am here so no more excuses. I am going to make this FUN!

We need to spend time on social media. This is like the watching movies and reading thing. Yes, being on social media is work. Now if we are just goofing off and sending people farm animals then yes we are goofing off. But if we are blogging and spending time on Twitter and FB networking with other writers and published authors and people in the publishing industry, that is called marketing.

Additionally, I have found some of the best articles and blogs on the craft via Twitter and other bloggers. Social media gives us countless tools to improve our skills daily.

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