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Christmas: Christmas Eve TV from 1974

December 12, 2010

I was two years old when this Christmas Eve TV ‘menu’ went out. 36 years later it’s an absolute joy to watch back.

I appreciate the slower pace of the voice over and the considerably more simple entertainment offering. A comedy, a film and a ‘music night’.

TV from an entirely different age.  Startling in comparison to the faster paced editing of the BBC’s Christmas preview for 2010.

  1. All throughout the evening, right up until 11pm ie going out to Church or bedtime the menu is very male-oriented*. I was too young in 74 (and we didn’t have a TV!) but I wouldn’t have watched any of those say in the late 70s and I wouldn’t watch any of them now.

    * not that I’m suggesting that TV-tastes split neatly into gender-defined lines, but the comedy is spectacularly demeaning to women; a now obscure ‘action’ film is unlikely to have drawn a large female audience except for those deferring to other household members!

  2. I hadn’t actually looked at it like that. Now I do, I see what mean. Quite depressing. Although I wonder what the audience was for the Dick Emery show. I have this suspicion there was a mix across genders for that. But maybe too Christmas Eve wasn’t the “big night” of TV compared to Christmas Day? Maybe there wasn’t much effort put in.

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