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BBC Radio 3 in HD Sound

December 13, 2010

Oooooh. Christmas has come early. And I find myself adding someone else to this year’s oh-so-special Christmas card list as a result.

BBC Radio 3 is now in HD sound, available via the BBC Radio 3 website or here. I am beside myself with joy. It’s the first of two consecutive days on leave. And this happens. As I say. Christmas has come early.

This exciting new development comes after a brief trial during the tail end of the BBC Proms this year. Radio 3 Interactive Editor wrote about it back then. I got excited about it too on this blog, writing about the implications for live performance, radio mixes and listeners.

At last. The future has finally arrived. Now, can we all settle down nicely and just lap it up.

Pass me my glass of Merlot.

PS Now that BBC Radio 3 is in HD you’ll naturally demand an increased range of voices on the network.

With that in mind I am very keen for as many people as possible to flood BBC Radio 3 Controller Roger Wright with demands to have my name added to the presentation roster. It was on my Christmas list, after all.

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