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Eurovision 2011: Charlotte Church? Really?!

December 13, 2010

Seemingly spam messages have a habit of either being complete rubbish or having a scintilla of truth about them, I always find.

Don’t be misled by the sender of this message not being able to punctuate properly. Focus more on the sender’s YouTube channel on which a seemingly hastily put together video displays nothing more than a series of phrases oozing excitement about the forthcoming UK selection programme.

The fact is someone somewhere actually thought to write the words ‘Charlotte Church’ and ‘Eurovision’ in the same sentence and send it to me via YouTube. That says something. It either says somebody working for the BBC thought they’d try their hand at a spot of social media/PR misdirection (if so, it’s a clumsy effort) or …

…. could Charlotte Church represent the UK at Eurovision next year?You have SO got to be having a laugh. You are SO taking me for a fool. Aren’t you?

Mind you, around this time last year everyone was banging on about Gary Barlow writing for UK Eurovision. What a spectacular disappointment that turned out to be. And in case you doubt me, remind yourself of what we actually ended up with.

Oh yeah, of course. I’m forgetting. Josh Dubovie was a nice bloke, wasn’t he. So that makes him and songwriter Pete Waterman very nearly forgivable for their contribution to UK Eurovision in 2010. Yes of course. I should be nicer. Less scathing. Yeah. Sorry.

Yes. I’m being sarcastic.

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