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Ian Baynham’s memory lives on

December 16, 2010

Those responsible for the death of 62 year old gay man Ian Baynham were pictured on the BBC News website.

I didn’t know Baynham – London’s a big place and contrary to what some ignorant people might think, us ‘gays’ don’t all know each other – news of his death and of the vigil held in memory of him touched many people, including me.

The details of his death were horrific. Seeing the identities of those responsible for his death even more disturbing. Because – this is the worst of it – they don’t look like homophobes.

Of course. I’ve no idea what a homophobe actually looks like. Because there is no stereotypical view of what a homophobe looks like, just as there isn’t a stereotypical view of a gay man.

But the point remains the same. We need to all collectively make sure that such an act doesn’t happen again. All of us, straight or gay, need to keep an eye out for anything we sense might be an indication of homophobic views. And then we should take action, in a suitably appropriate (and preferrably) non-violent way.

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  1. David SFeastbay permalink

    I know I’ve just read a small portion of the whole event, but didn’t anyone try and help this man?

    Such young people to be filled with hate that they had to do this. The sad part is most youths think the violence they do is fun. Now their lives will be forever changed because of their stupid act.

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