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This blog has moved …

December 29, 2010

Time to do a bit of maintenance.

Yes, you lovely lovely reader, things are changing. Things have moved. Time for you to update your links, or your email or RSS subscriptions.

After much umming and ahhing … in part brought on by the recent shock news about Yahoo pulling bookmarking service Delicious … I’ve finally got around to setting up my own hosted version of this blog. That new blog can now be found at the utterly charming URL of

You will – I’m afraid – need to subscribe to the blog again if you’re someone who rather likes getting emails. Go to the new blog site and enter your email address in the box on the right hand side.

You’ll need to amend your RSS URL too. This is it. Just click on it and do something with it or summink.

In time, I will import over the old stuff to the new location. But from this moment on, this blog instance won’t be updated with any new stuff. Although I will – as a precaution – post some redirects .. you know, just to chivvy you. 😉

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