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about the author

simple stuff first

Jon Jacob writes what he considers is a thoroughly good blog.

While some other blogs have a focus, Jon’s blog is broad and directionless, affording him the opportunity to indulge his love of writing about himself, his thoughts and feelings. That’s how certain he is about himself. Tiresome isn’t it?

Even if no-one reads his blog (after five years trying, the stats still aren’t looking that great) it does at least provide him with a relatively safe environment to write about the things he loves. And by doing so, he reduces the possibility of boring all of his friends and family.He’s writing this blog for the greater good, you might say.

more important stuff

A lot of this blog will reference the BBC. If you didn’t already know, Jon works at the BBC. The BBC occupies a great deal of time because he is fundamentally obsessed with the corporation. Many domestic arguments have sprung from this key point. It’s best we all grasp it quite early on.

The path to the BBC wasn’t easy. He turned down one quite boring job in late 1997. When his subsequent applications failed he hit upon a different method of getting the necessary ticks in boxes to get the contract he craved, shamelessly pestering all concerned until someone caved in (September 2007). Persistence always pays off.

thinly veiled disclaimer

The views expressed in this blog are his own and not those of the BBC. The BBC endorses nothing of what appears on this blog. Jon Jacob receives absolutely no money for writing this blog. There are absolutely no competitions, no chance of any fakery and certainly nothing which might bring the Corporation into disrepute. Jon just wouldn’t do that kind of thing.

Most important of all, just because Jon is a BBC staffer this doesn’t mean he doesn’t immerse himself in other broadcasting networks. He’s just as comfortable forming an opinion about something he’s seen on Sky, Channel Four or any of the other lesser channels his husband forces him to watch as he is on judging anything served up by the BBC.

It goes without saying that Jon Jacob is lovely (even if he is prone to intense bitterness and spectacular moments of jealousy).

Most recently, he’s done stuff for Radio 3 Interactive at the BBC Proms and the Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival. He also blogs for the BBC College of Journalism.You might also be interested to learn he wouldn’t mind being on the radio.

Jon is also partial to an Americano from any of the major coffee outlets and rarely carries cash.

how to avoid jon jacob

Find him on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Yes. Jon Jacob is everywhere.

Unlike some other blogs, success on this particular online effort isn’t judged purely on the number of comments left by the handful of people who do read it. Good job too otherwise Jon Jacob would have stopped blogging ages ago.

commenting on this blog

Comments are welcome (obviously) but you’re going to need to provide some means of recognition when you drop by. By which I mean, give me a valid email address, not a made up one. Spoof emails are obvious. Don’t use ’em. They scream spammer. Maybe that’s your intention.

When you’ve left a message you’ll need to wait for it to be checked over by the moderation drones. Yeah. Dull. Isn’t it? Why bother leaving a message if you have to go through that bloody nonsense?

The thinking is that if you really want to be vile – and being vile isn’t really an issue – you’re going to need to be a real person. Masking behind an internet identity doesn’t really work for Jon Jacob. Neither does hiding behind a spoof domain name or a titty-looking email address. The moderation drones can spot them a mile off. The message gets trashed, just like the author should be for being a coward.

That’s just how it is. Please get used to it, if you’d be so kind.

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  1. cyberguycalif permalink

    “”””The BBC occupies a great deal of time because he is fundamentally obsessed with the corporation.”””””

    “””””Find him on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Yes. Jon Jacob is everywhere.”””””

    As Graham Norton would say, “Hello, that’s why you’re taking Naproxen”. That reminds me I still haven’t watched the Joan Rivers/Sarah Jessica Parker episode yet. 🙂

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